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Roof Cleaning

Eliminate discoloration and enhance the look of your property. This service will help to extend the life of your roof as well as provide health benefits by eliminating allergens and irritants that surround your property. 

Did you know:  The darker, more stained your roof is, the more heat it encompasses. This additional heat leads to higher energy bills to cool your property.  Removing these stains not only reaps safety benefits, but also decreases energy usage promoting an environmentally friendly cleaning alternative.  

Exterior Cleaning

Enhance the look of the exterior of your property by eliminating mold, mildew, fungi, and other bacteria that have inhabited it.  Using a safe, soft washing method, Advanced Roof & Exterior Cleaning services has a 100% kill ratio of these potentially harmful allergens.  

Did you know:  Soft washing is the safe cleaning alternative to pressure washing with lasting effects, lasting 4-6 times longer.  Pressure washing does not kill harmful bacteria and allergens, rather disperses them into the air.  Soft washing, as stated above, has a 100% kill ratio promoting a much safer air supply. 

Playground Sanitation

Playgrounds are covered in germs and other bacteria.  Not only will you enhance the look of your play surface, you will also provide a cleaner surface for children to play on that will promote health rather than illness.  With health and safety as our top priorities, Advanced Roof & Exterior Cleaning uses a biodegradable, eco-friendly, safe cleaning product.

Gutter Cleaning

A clean gutter promotes a healthy property.  Keeping gutters clean helps maintain a steady water flow away from your property.  This steady movement prevents the collection of water which could cause extreme, unnecessary damage. 

Did you know:  It is extremely important to keep gutters clean and free of debris.  Misdirected water can cause significant damage to your property such as stained siding, rotting fascia boards, flooded basements, deteriorating landscaping, foundation problems, and much more. 

Deck/Patio Cleaning

Though composite deck brands declare their "maintenance-free" nature, like anything outside; dust, dirt, algae,mold, and many other allergens will still accumulate.  This is also true for wood surfaces and patios. Advanced Roof & Exterior Cleaning will assist to safely wash away these irritants and make your surface shine again.  

Fence Cleaning

While Minnesotans enjoy the different seasons, our outdoor property such as fencing, suffers.  With all the different weather and climate changes wood and other materials can become damp, weathered, and dull looking.  Using our Soft Washing method, Advanced Roof & Exterior Cleaning can assist in making your fencing look new again.  

Awning Cleaning

Enhance the look of your business and make your awnings look new again.  Awnings are prone to collecting dirt and other debris.  No matter the material, a cleaning can help to bring your awnings back to life again. 

Concrete/Brick Cleaning

Due to their porous material, these surfaces can attract grime, oil, rust, dirt, and other unattractive stains. Advanced Roof & Exterior Cleaning can safely assist in removing stains, discoloration, and other contaminants that may be inhabiting your surface.  

Surfaces Include:  Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, pool decks, and many more.

Did you know:  Soft washing will help to lengthen the life of your surface.  Pressure washing uses pressure to clean and can cause further damage, shortening the life. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Accumulation of dirt will obstruct sunshine, which will not allow solar panels to work to their maximum potential.  This will, in turn, minimize their effectiveness.  By eliminating dust and other debris, Advanced Roof & Exterior Cleaning will help to once again, provide you with an energy efficient property.  

Rust Stain Removal

Rust stains can be very unattractive and difficult to remove.  With our Soft Washing technique, we can get your rust stained surface looking new again.  


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